New Website!

Hi everyone!

Well, firstly, happy 2015! That came quick, didn’t it? I still remember when 2000 seemed modern… Anyway, I hope the coming year is filled with lots of awesome and suitably wondrous things for you 😀

Secondly, welcome to my new website!


Thanks for visiting! I’m super excited about it (hence all the exclamation marks, sorry), especially all the glowy buttons & the cool-slidey-picture-thing at the top of the homepage (technical name ‘carousel’, apparently). It’s all been built by a very clever graphic designer buddy of mine called Mike Butcher, who also did all Faerytale and The In-Between‘s artwork. So, yeah, go Mike!

Anyhoo, there’s lots of stuff up about all the projects I’ve been working on recently, both musical and other, so please take a look around and I hope you like it!

All the best,

Laura x

Twitter: @LauraTisdall
Facebook: LauraTisdallWriter