Things You Don’t Think About When You Decide to Self-Publish

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic. Since choosing in April to self-publish my new book Echoes, it’s been kind of a whirlwind of working out how to actually enact the technicalities of doing just that.

The decision to self-publish can feel like quite a liberating one at the time. “I’m finally going to get my work out there!” “One quick and … Read more

Agents of FEELS

Last night saw the UK premiere of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD season 2 finale. I’ve loved Joss Whedon’s work for a long time – from Buffy to Dollhouse to Firefly – and have been a fan of SHIELD since it first aired. Over the course of its current two-year run (it’s just been renewed for a third), it has gone from strength to plot-twisting … Read more

Pitch Slapped

I just got back from finally seeing Pitch Perfect 2. Safe to say, as a teency (ginormous) fan of the first movie, I was looking forward to it just a smidge (and may have booked a second viewing before I’d even seen it once – we’re talking that level of fan-ness). So, did it live up to expectations?

Well, yes.



With most … Read more

The Truth Is Out There. Again.

At 5.17pm yesterday, actress Gillian Anderson (a.k.a Special Agent Dana Scully) posted one of the Coolest Tweets Ever.

After months, nay, years of speculation and shattered nerdish dreams, it is now official; The X-Files is coming back. Yes, that’s right, and it’s not even just as a (slightly questionable, if we’re honest) extra movie this time! No, we are getting six shiny, brand new … Read more

New Website!

Hi everyone!

Well, firstly, happy 2015! That came quick, didn’t it? I still remember when 2000 seemed modern… Anyway, I hope the coming year is filled with lots of awesome and suitably wondrous things for you 😀

Secondly, welcome to my new website!

Thanks for visiting! I’m super excited about it (hence all the exclamation marks, sorry), especially all the glowy buttons & the cool-slidey-picture-thing … Read more

First Draft Fun

So about a month ago, I wrote a blog about how I was trying to write a first draft of the new book I’m working on by Christmas. I’d worked out the word count I needed to reach each day to hopefully make that target and was about two weeks into writing at that point. It seemed sort of doable. Then, in a delightfully (or … Read more

Mockingjay – Part 1

So I just got back from seeing Mockingjay – Part 1, the third and penultimate movie in The Hunger Games series. I’d heard a lot of things about the film before actually seeing it – both mixed and good – read numerous reviews and articles about it, and watched the trailers more times than was strictly necessary. As a big fan of both Suzanne … Read more