Pitch Slapped

I just got back from finally seeing Pitch Perfect 2. Safe to say, as a teency (ginormous) fan of the first movie, I was looking forward to it just a smidge (and may have booked a second viewing before I’d even seen it once – we’re talking that level of fan-ness). So, did it live up to expectations?

Fat Amy

Well, yes.



With most of the original cast returning, much of what worked in the first movie works in this one; the music is fun, the characters are aca-dorable (sorry, not sorry) and there are numerous laugh out very very loud moments. This last point applies to pretty much everything involving the legend that is Fat Amy. Not to overly spoiler, but there is one very unique power ballad duet involving Bumper and a rowing boat that will stay with me for a long time. Add to that that some of the singing is so good it may make you pee yourself, and you have something special.

What I really like about the Pitch Perfect movies is the way that they can switch from the “lol” moments to the moving ones so well (and there are a few in this – my friend actually cried, although that may have been taking it a little too far). They are not ashamed of being aspirational and genuinely heart warming, and sometimes that’s just what you need in a movie. They balance that line between being too cheesy and having just enough heart to make you really care. In 2, every time a moment threatens to go too far towards the former, someone comes in with another lol-maker. So yes, I loved it, and I am looking forward to my second viewing. And I still love Jessie, but that’s a hang-up from movie 1 (if there was a quibble with 2 – not enough Jessie).

So, to those who haven’t seen it yet, go boldly and enjoy. That should come with a disclaimer though; Pitch Perfect 2 will temporarily make you think that joining an acapella vocal group is the best idea ever and the answer to any and all of life’s problems. It will also make you want to be Anna Kendrick, just in general.

Laura x

P.S. There’s a mid-credits scene that is so very worth staying for.

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