The Force Awakens – Before & After

[Spoiler free! Apart from for the first six Star Wars movies and if you haven’t seen those, well, you should really stop reading this and go and watch them RIGHT NOW.]


As I sit here writing this, I am exactly four hours and one minute away from seeing The Force Awakens (not that I’m counting or anything). Yes, after years of speculation, anticipation, hopes, dreams and maybe a few fears, Star Wars Episode VII is finally here! Safe to say, I’m more than a little excited. In fact, if I’m honest, my level of excitement for this movie has long since passed ridiculousness. I genuinely struggled get to sleep last night like a kid on Christmas eve. You see, not only is this a new Star Wars movie – a thing of intrinsic wonder and awesomeness in itself – but it’s a Star Wars movie directed and co-written by J.J. Abrams. And J.J. Abrams is kinda one of my heroes. I even wrote a whole blog about it a couple of years back. Alias and Fringe are two of my all time favourite TV shows and Alias, especially, was a huge influence on me. J.J. is just so good at planning and handling epic story arcs, sooo good at making characters truly three dimensional and heartfelt…

I can’t wait to see what he does with the Jedi universe. Star Wars is such a wonderful sandbox to create something both new and a continuation from. It’s not hard to see why it’s got a special place in so many people’s hearts. You’ve got epic space adventure, great characters, Jedi and the Force, light sabers, a ‘chosen one’ storyline, family angst, romance, lights sabers and possibly one of the best film scores ever written. Did I mention light sabers? It set the bar and paved the way for so much that has come after. The other thing I really love about it is the scale, both in time and space. The story spans across solar systems and across generations. I know the prequel series was less well received, but despite its faults, I really enjoyed it – especially Revenge of the Sith. I loved seeing the storylines join up, seeing how everyone got to where they were at the start of A New Hope, seeing how Darth Vader came to be, how Yoda ended up in hiding, how Luke and Leia got separated… And now I’m very much looking forward to catching up with our heroes again years later and finding out what the next generation is up to! (I know no-ones actually confirmed the genealogies of new leads Rey, Finn and Po, but there’s got to be a baby Skywalker somewhere in there, right? My money’s on Rey – a definite Leia/Padme look going on.)

Will The Force Awakens live up to expectations? I’ve desperately tried to avoid spoilers, but early reports seem to be extremely positive. I’ll write the other half of this blog below with my own response.

Not long now…

Only three hours and twenty-seven minutes to go…

Not that I’m counting…

Finn and Rey


Well, my initial reaction was this:

Star Wars Tweet

Yep, I loved it. I know some folk are nitpicking various bits and that’s fine, but in all honesty I sat there almost the entire time with a huge grin plastered to my face. It felt true to the legacy of the originals, both in storyline and visual aesthetic. I loved seeing some old faces back again and the nostalgia that brought, but I was also hugely emotionally involved in the new characters. They were brilliantly realised, brilliantly acted and so well rounded.

In summary, it’s awesome. Now, bring on Episode VIII! It’s only 528 days away… Not that I’m counting…

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