The Truth Is Out There. Again.

At 5.17pm yesterday, actress Gillian Anderson (a.k.a Special Agent Dana Scully) posted one of the Coolest Tweets Ever.

Gillian Anderson Tweet

After months, nay, years of speculation and shattered nerdish dreams, it is now official; The X-Files is coming back. Yes, that’s right, and it’s not even just as a (slightly questionable, if we’re honest) extra movie this time! No, we are getting six shiny, brand new episodes.

X-Files cheers

Let’s face it, although it may have had the odd shaky moment (hard to avoid with a run that long), The X-Files was awesome. Whether it was drawing you into the epic conspiracy plot, utterly freaking the crap out of you with baddies like Tooms *shudder*, or getting you to ship like crazy for one of TV’s best will they/won’t theys, it remains one of the most original, most enduring sci-fi shows out there.

Despite no air date yet, it’s hard not to begin speculating what kind of storyline the new series might go with. What are Mulder and Scully doing now? Will it involve a teenage William and his possibly-burgeoning possibly-alien superpowers? Has anyone noticed that it’s way past December 2012 and the alien apocalypse Mulder was adamant would happen then kinda, well, hasn’t? (Slightly awkward.)


Okay, now I know that franchises returning after significant breaks don’t always live up to the monumentally high expectations set for them, but with both Anderson and David Duchovny (Mulder) returning, I am choosing to be hopeful. Series creator Chris Carter is overseeing again and I don’t think all three would reunite after such a long hiatus unless they felt they had a new story worth telling. Be cynical and call me naive if you like, but I want to believe…

Bring on the more ‘truth’ seeking!

Laura x

P.S. Here’s a link to the full renewal article if you want to read.

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