Three Theatre Geeks in NYC

I recently got back from a trip to New York city (I feel a little bit cooler just saying that). It was my first proper holiday for about ten years; six days in Manhattan accompanied by two uni friends, Richard and Anne. If we’re honest, we all have a tendency to be a little (a lot) geeky about musicals, so seeing shows on Broadway was a big part of why we were going, but New York is an amazing city. I really get now why people call it the city that never sleeps – we hardly stopped the whole time we were there. And, everyone is so friendly! (Well, the people we met were, anyway. Love it though I do, the occasionally grumpy London could learn a few things.) Anyway, this is a little photo blog of how we got on…

To start off proper, like, here’s us with some famous things.

Carnegie Hall, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, top of the Rockefeller Centre, Brooklyn Bridge

And a picture of the Empire State Building, because that’s kind of compulsory really.

The AMAZING view from the top floor at midnight…

And the notoriously, erm, beautiful High Line railroad garden, which we most definitely picked the right day/season to walk the whole way across Manhattan to see. Definitely.

BROADWAY! (In summary, it was awesome.)

If/Then (starring the legendary Adele Dazeem), Pippin & Newsies (which Richard was a teency bit excited about)

We also went to Time Square. Now, the thing they don’t tell you about Time Square is…

It has a flipping ferris wheel (yes, ferris wheel!) in the Toys ‘R’ Us there! Yes, it is possibly only meant for small children. Yes, we went on it anyway.

Continuing the grown up behaviour in various toy shops…

Minion love.

Okay, now here are some pictures of things that are probably quite normal for Americans, but ridiculously exciting for us because we’d seen them on TV and never in real life

Yellow school bus, Central Park, NYPD car, yellow taxi, Olive Garden

New York foods we had to try and, obviously, take pictures of…

Breakfast pancakes, cheesecake, breakfast bagels, GIANT sub sandwiches, pizza

Special mention must also go to the epic cheesecake in pastry pudding at Applebees. Yes, you read that correctly; Cheesecake. In. Pastry.

Inspired by Zombieland (as all good ideas are), we also tried Twinkies. They tasted kind of weird. Apparently they share some ingredients with plane fuel, so, yey!

In which we recreate The Lion King in Central Park…

AND we found the fountain from Enchanted!!! (So yeah, erm, this happened…)

The award for best selfie goes to…

Grumpy Richard

The award for best photobomb goes to…

Jazz hands Richard

And finally, the award for best sewage fighting superhero goes to…

“One call pumps it all.”

That’s right, CESSPOOL MAN! “One call pumps it all.”

The end. Thanks for reading 🙂

Laura x

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