Having realised I’ve not done a blog since March, I thought it was about time for a quick update! So, what’s been happening since then?

The short and slightly dull answer is that I have mainly been sat in front of my laptop, typing in WORDS. Many, many words. (The lack of blogs is because by the time I’ve abandoned the day’s attempt to make said words vaguely sensible, I’ve usually run out of brain-ability to do much else.)

Typing gif

So, what are these WORDS?

Well, the longer answer regarding what’s been happening is that I’m currently trying to finish off a book trilogy that started with the first novel I ever wrote, Tainted Earth. Set in 22nd Century Greenland, it follows the lives of two teenagers after a deadly bioengineered virus is released onto the island. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for a long time now and I began writing it about four years ago. But, it never got published back then, and I paused work on its sequels in order to write Echoes.

However, after Echoes came out, I decided to go back and look at it again and, with the benefit of a couple of years’ hindsight, I redrafted that first book into what I hope is a significantly improved version. I also spent much of the early part of this year fully planning out those two intended sequels in detail. (And I mean detail – we’re talking a really pedantic file-divided ring binder full of timelines and maps and character backstories, etc, etc…)

Tainted Earth Notes Folder
The Pedantic File-Divided Ring Binder

What I’ve been doing over the past three months is now attempting to turn all that work into first drafts of books two and three of the Tainted Earth series, writing them back-to-back. Now, I find first drafts hard – sometimes, excruciatingly so. I’m really all about draft twos, where you can actually start making the writing fit for other humans to be exposed to. I see the main goal of that first run through as to literally just get to the end. Sometimes, that requires writing a scene poorly, just to get something down – which I DISLIKE doing, because I’m a teency bit of a perfectionist. Hence, first drafts = hard.

However, I am pleased to report some progress.

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I have now finished draft one of book two and am about 15,000 words into three. Reaching the end is starting to look possible. Wahey!

So, yes, that is what’s been happening. And, hopefully, it will continue to happen for a little while longer.

Laura x

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