Echoes Wins Rubery ‘Book of the Year’

Echoes has just been named the 2016 International Rubery Book Award’s ‘Book of the Year’! Here’s what the judges had to say about it:

“A startlingly original book set in the world of computers, portraying socially awkward Mallory, who has a phobia of being touched that limits her ability to negotiate the world. She only feels comfortable with a computer keyboard in front of her, so strongest connections are with a secret organisation of apparently benign hackers. It is a rip-roaring, fast moving story, cleverly constructed and extremely exciting. The members of Mallory’s family, who have their own share of difficulties, are portrayed with sympathy and compassion.

This is a multi-faceted book with a compelling narrative drive, an exploration of  loyalty and betrayal, with an unusual insight into the minds of teenagers who can sometimes seem like aliens. The relationship between the two 16 year old characters, Mallory and Warden, who experience a gradual desire to draw strength from each other, despite a struggle to cope with physical connection, is touching. This is a book that is good enough to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.”

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