Things What I Have Been Doing

So, I’ve realised it’s been an alarmingly long time since I’ve posted any kind of update on here. We don’t need to talk about how long exactly, or if it stretches into the years category – because, obviously, that would be ridiculous – but, hey, I’m here now.

And, as I’m here now, I thought I should probably give a quick update on what I’ve … Read more


Having realised I’ve not done a blog since March, I thought it was about time for a quick update! So, what’s been happening since then?

The short and slightly dull answer is that I have mainly been sat in front of my laptop, typing in WORDS. Many, many words. (The lack of blogs is because by the time I’ve abandoned the day’s attempt to make … Read more

My Experience of the Doctor Who Experience

Recently, two friends and I went away for the weekend, the first day of which just happened to include popping into the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. I’d never been before and, as a slightly mahoosive, sonic-screwdriver-owning fan of the show, this was a source of much anticipation and joy to me. I even put on my Gallifrey University T-shirt especially for the occasion (it … Read more

2016: Plans & Such

A very Happy New Year to you all! Yes, 2016 is upon us in all its futuristic-y sounding splendor. Though still without hoverboards, we are now venturing into the unknown beyond that foretold by Back to the Future. Good luck everyone.

Like most years for most people, 2015 was a year of ups and downs for me, but probably the biggest highlight (obviously alongside … Read more

What is YA?

I’m going to be honest and admit something here; sometimes I’m not one hundred percent sure what YA (or young adult) as a category of book actually is. I know that may sound strange coming from someone who’s both a huge fan of reading it and also attempting to be a YA author, but I don’t think the labelling is always that clear cut. … Read more

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Books

It probably won’t come as much of a shock that I love reading fiction books. I have done since I was little. Like for a lot of people, the big kickstarter for me was Harry Potter & the Philospher’s Stone, but there have been several over the years which have worked their way into my heart, captivating me and making me want to be … Read more