The Haunting

The Haunting is a play by Hugh Janes, based on the ghost stories of Charles Dickens. Directed by Hugh Wooldridge, it has toured the UK three times. Laura wrote the music.

When a young book dealer, David Filde, is employed by a former associate of his uncle to catalogue an impressive library, he finds an incredible array of rare and antiquated books. But as a series of strange and unexplained events conspire to keep Filde from his work, he realises that if he is to convince his sceptical employer that the mysterious phenomena he is experiencing are real, they must journey together to the very edge of terror, and beyond, to discover the source of the ghostly night-time visitations…

Reviews for The Haunting

“The ingenious, creepy old house pushed us into a horrifying place from the start and the original, spine-chilling music by Laura Tisdall kept us there. A great piece of theatre, drama in its finest form.”
– The Hunts Post

“An intriguing and gripping piece of theatre.”
– Surrey Herald